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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Practice Link Building Guide

Mary Collins, Head of Internet Marketing

The best link building strategy is to acquire links at a natural speed. Hoteliers need to have a policy of gaining quality links over quantity of links to their websites. Before these Google updates, search engines rewarded websites with large quantities of links, but once Penguin 2.0 is released websites with poor link building strategy will most likely be penalised, potentially being removing completely from search engine results.

Google now values websites that have fresh up-to date relevant content which visitors to the website will find useful. As well as creating fresh relevant content, hoteliers need to adopt a best practice approach to their linking building strategy as this will greatly enhance SEO results.

For our Traffic Builder clients we provide guidance on link building strategy as part of our online marketing service. If you wish to sign up to Traffic Builder service please contact us.

Perform a Link Audit

Before embarking on any link building strategy, it is important to establish where your links are coming form. A website link audit should be performed, analyzing the links that are beneficial to your website and those which are causing harm.

Use Webmaster Tools

Manage Links Through Webmaster Tools:  Through this interface, you can view all the links pointing to your site, sorting the quality links you attained through targeted strategy and the less valuable or negative links that have linked to your website without your authority.

Maintain a Blog on the Hotel Website

Building and maintaining a blog on the hotel website is a quick and easy way to provide unique, fresh content to website visitors, potential guests and potential linking websites. In order to use a hotel blog as a strong inbound marketing tool you need to post regular articles. Examples include upcoming events and activities, property updates etc. Ask your team to contribute e.g. a day in the life of a concierge, or reception staff, regular recipes from the kitchen etc  which will attract the interest of other bloggers or websites that would like to link to you. If your blog is run on any of the popular Content Management Systems, you'll already have an RSS feed.

Build (Relevant) Links

Engage local sites that produce quality content and are of relevance to your website first to build a solid base of trustworthy links, while at the same time ensuring the hotel website is listed by and linked to from a variety of online directories and local listing services. Engage with local suppliers, local groups and conference organisers who use the hotel facilities regularly. To get full SEO benefit, ensure the link from their website to yours contains relevant text (try and get the hotel name and location in the anchor text).


You have pages on your website, so make the most of them. Internal links are very relevant for link building because you can control everything about them, from the location on the page to the anchor text. If you have multiple sites, interlinking is a must!

Create Quality Website Content

Every time content is added to the website, ensure that it is of a consistently high standard. Regular updates to the website will ensure  that the content is always up to date. This will help attract other websites to link to yours and help in turn boost SEO. - Research Competitors: Review where your competitors are getting links. There maybe opportunities to get your own website listed.

Create a Social Media Strategy

Currently Google considers links from different social networks like Google Plus, Facebook and  Twitter among others. It is important that the hotel has a content strategy on social networks in order to take inbound links to their websites. If the hotel has a profile on any of these social platforms they must be kept up to date too with fresh content, linking back to the hotel website.

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