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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mobile strategy push by Apple - it's the free one that counts!

There's been a lot of talk of "disappointment" at Apple's announcement yesterday of the souped-up iPhone4s. Industry watchers and punters alike were of course holding their breath for the mythical iPhone5.

But it was not to be, yet. And in the noise about what does and what does not constitute a major upgrade, the true strategic push was missed.

Apple has made major under-the-bonnet changes to the new iPhone4s to sell at the premium price point, and yes the current iPhone4 stays on the books and gets a big price drop when taken under contract. But the real game changer is that the iPhone3Gs will continue to be available and will now be offered for free from the carrier networks for contract or pay as you go customers.

Apple's premium products have not 'til now been considered accessible enough to ruffle the cheap Android market. The free iPhone 3Gs could well be the thing that does it, bringing a boatload more users into Apple's smartphone bracket that otherwise could not afford, but would have preferred, Apple.

The swelling of users on the platform is a good thing for the mobile sales potential for hotels through platforms such as Bookassist's web app which is already representing over 5% of reservations through Bookassist systems.

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