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Friday, February 12, 2010

Critical Importance of Security Highlighted in Hotel Sector

A recently-published study (Spiderlabs Study: Hotels a hot spot for credit card fraud has underlined just how important security is for the hotel sector, and how vital it is for hotels to choose business partners that are PCI-DSS compliant (payment card industry data security standards). Of all security breaches where credit card information was stolen, the largest sector by far to be hit was the hospitality sector. In particular the SpiderLabs study says:

"Out of the 218 data-breach investigations from 24 countries the company studied, 38 percent of the attacks occurred on hotels. And once the attack occurred, it took an average of 156 days for the business to realize it."

Unlike most providers in the booking engine space, Bookassist has full PCI-DSS compliance and takes security extremely seriously. Security has been one of the cornerstones of development at Bookassist since its inception, and the booking engine administration system has sophisticated user management to ensure PCI-DSS compliance in the hotels' internal use of the system.

Before you commit to any suppliers, ensure that PCI-DSS standards are adhered to, or it could be a costly mistake.


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